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High end hot tubs are revolutionizing the lives of Ontario homeowners! Today’s home spas have incredible versatility, and you can customize yours to suit your family’s lifestyle to perfection.

Swim spas combine the features of a pool, a home gym, and a hot tub, all in one. An adjustable current allows you to swim or row, providing exercise to increase muscle strength and cardiovascular health. Or you can create a wave pool for the kids and watch them boogie board!

Use options like stereo surround sound, television, and Bluetooth capability to customize the entertainment in your hot tub. Individualized massage therapy jets, moulded seating and headrests, backlit cup holders, and illuminated fountain jets provide the ultimate in luxurious relaxation.

Transform your backyard into the perfect refuge from the stresses of the outside world with a high end hot tub.
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Swim Spas and Hot Tubs

High end hot tubs offer options for entertainment, physical training, relaxation, and just plain fun! While many backyards are too small to install a traditional pool, virtually every yard has room for a swim spa or hot tub. And in our climate, conventional pools can only be used for a few months of the year – while a swim spa can be a year round treat.
A swim spa features a current with variable resistance that allows you to swim in place. Swimming is the perfect exercise, with the buoyancy of water providing an environment that allows for maximum exercise with minimal pressure on the joints. A swim spa is great for everything from teaching young children to swim to training for professional athletes, and it’s also wonderful for people with medical conditions.

Customizing Your Home Spa

High end hot tubs can be customized, making them perfect for entertaining guests, a quiet refuge from the world, or a therapeutic massage centre. Numerous options from illuminated fountain jets to specialized seating allow you to configure it your way.

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